Discover our handy products to support the artisanal work in your catering business. We'll provide you with sturdy bread labels, handy tags and high-performance siliconised paper which is always a good idea to have within reach.

We strongly recommend the AlfaPro baking paper in particular. The product is distinguished because its surface prevents food from sticking to it and is resistant to grease and heat. As a result, your artisan does not need to grease baking dishes and tins, which saves time. You will also use AlfaPro paper as a tool for decorating, rolling out dough, wrapping food for freezing and for separating portions. Invest in our products and enjoy convenience, time efficiency and excellent performance during your daily work in your catering business.

Are you looking for non-food products?

You are welcome to cooperate with AlfaPro. We have been active on the European markets for years as a brand creating products for the confectionery, bakery, ice cream and catering industries. Our strengths are high quality products, a wide product range and good prices. Every day we support your good-taste driven business by delivering goods from professionals for professionals. Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us.