Nuts, seeds and dried fruit

Discover the rich flavour of the seeds, nuts and dried fruit offered by AlfaPro. These products are indispensable ingredients for creating exquisite baked goods and desserts. Finger licking good!

Without seeds, nuts and dried fruit, the products and baked goods from the catering, bakery and confectionery sectors wouldn’t exist. This is because they are the ideal addition to the handmade confectionery. They add flavour, aroma and crunch, frequently remaining the most sought-after add on, according to customers. Try our nuts, dried fruit and seeds for baking breads, buns and cakes that are bursting with uniqueness. Also add them to sweet treats to boost their flavour and nutritional value.

Are you looking for seeds, nuts and dried fruit?

We would like to invite you to cooperate with AlfaPro. We have been active on the European markets for years as a brand creating products for the confectionery, bakery, ice cream and catering industries. Our strong points are the high-quality of our products, our wide product range and attractive prices. Each day we continue to support your good-taste oriented business by providing articles from professionals for professionals. Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us.