Owoce i przetwory owocowe

Explore a diverse collection of top-quality fruits and preserves that will deliver the best taste experience. Our focus was to include the unique taste of nature's bounty in each of these products.

Specially selected appertised and candied fruits are perfect for freezing and baking, by adding not only aesthetic appeal but also enriching the taste of cakes, pastries and yeast cakes. Aromatic jams are perfect for spreading, filling and decorating confectionery. And our marmalades with traditional homemade flavours are a perfect match for shortcrust pastries, yeast breads and puff pastries. Be sure to try them out.

Looking for fruit and fruit preserves?

You are welcome to cooperate with AlfaPro. We have been trading on European markets for years as a brand creating products for the confectionery, bakery, ice cream and catering industries. Our chief virtues are the high quality of our products, our wide range of goods and affordable prices. We support your good taste-based business every day with products from professionals for professionals. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.