Chocolates and chocolate glazes

Fragrant chocolates, tasty couvertures and scrumptious mouth-watering glazes from AlfaPro are the essence of delightful taste in your ready-made confectionery products. They are also excellent for decorating cakes, biscuits and desserts, by adding to them a unique twist.

Our chocolates and couvertures, including dark chocolate, are ideal for coating, filling praline moulds and casting decorative figurines. On the other hand, with their aromatic and excellent taste, the toppings provide an appetising appearance to the baked goods, bringing out their flavour. They are superb for coating a variety of confectionery products such as Polish doughnuts, standard doughnuts, cakes and pastries. Moreover,  muffins, roulades or croissants will get a special hint of flavour from baking chunks. A sweet twist? Yes, of course- with AlfaPro.

Looking for chocolate and glazes?

Feel free to cooperate with AlfaPro. We have been active on the European markets for years as a brand creating products for the confectionery, bakery, ice cream and catering industries. Our strong points are the top quality of our products, our wide goods assortment and affordable prices. Each day we support your good-taste oriented business by supplying articles from professionals for professionals. Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us.