Enjoy AlfaPro's extensive range of excellent farmer's curd cheese, hard cheese and cream. With all these products, artisans can create traditional cheesecakes, tasty yeast cakes, exquisite layer cakes, refreshing ice cream or delectable pizzerina.

Cream is ideal as a filling for roulades, cream rolls, ice cream or fruit desserts, by giving them a unique flavour. Ready-to-use diced and shredded cheeses, for example, are suitable for being baked on pizzas, pizzerinas or mini pizzas, casseroles and other ‘quick’ snacks. They can also be used to prepare cold cheesecakes, Viennese cheesecakes and flavoursome yeast cakes. With our products, you are given endless possibilities, and the high quality speaks for itself.

Looking for dairy products?

Feel free to partner with AlfaPro. We have been active on the European markets for years as a brand creating products for the confectionery, bakery, ice cream and catering industries. High quality products, a wide product range  and competitive prices are our strengths. Every day we support your good-taste oriented business by supplying articles from professionals for professionals. Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us.